Case Study: The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association PAC Video

Case Study: The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Digital Marketing Campaign

Challenge:  The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) wanted to increase the impact of its political action committee (PAC) by encouraging its members to donate to help re-elect members of Congress who are “friends” of ASCA and who support their issues of concern.  Member research showed that the majority of ASCA members did not donate to the PAC because they did not understand its importance.

Action:  Script and shoot a video on location at a member ambulatory surgery center that showed doctors and nurses caring for patients.  Interviews with members of Congress were filmed where they discussed the importance of PACs and the relationships they help build. These relationships lead to education for the members of Congress who are not aware of the issues that are important to this group and how decisions they make can impact patient care.  Physicians who participate in the ASCA PAC also were interviewed and shared their views of why participating in the PAC and building relationships with members of Congress was important to their patients and to their ASCs.

Results:  The PAC video was shown at ASCA’s Annual Meeting and a member of Congress was on hand to reiterate the importance of PACs in his speech following the video.  The video was also shared via email distribution, as part of a PAC marketing campaign also developed by Remey, and was posted on the ASCA website.  PAC donations went up as a result of the campaign and video.


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June 7, 2017